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ANYTHING BUT LOVE (Love series #3, stand alone)

by Abigail Strom

release date: July, 12, 2016

length: 226 pages

published by Montlake Romance

*I purchased this e-book via Kindle Unlimited on Amazon*

☆☆☆☆☆5 STAR - AMAZING, couldn't put it down, highly recommend (emotions bursting at the seams)

Anything But Love can be read as a standalone, but is actually a book three to Abigail Strom's Love series. I think that each book can be read as a standalone, yet I think in order to have a complete picture to some amazing stories - I would recommend reading them in order. (brief review of each listed below)

#1 Almost Like Love
#2 Nothing Like Love
#3 Anything But Love

This book is centered around a friendship of girls - Kate, Simone and Jessica. THIS is Jessica's story. Her truth comes out as she is left at the alter and confronted by her childhood best friend, Ben. Ben can't help but want to help her and decides to go on her "would be" honeymoon so that she isn't alone. They face the past and they face what the future will bring. Jessica discovers that she needs to stop living for all the wrong reasons and Ben is the one that shows her how. What happens in the Bahamas, WON'T stay in the Bahamas.

Their story is probably the best, which shocked me considering the light that was shown on Jessica's character in the first two books which is nothing like the "true self" that she discovers in Anything But Love. No worries, you wouldn't feel "lost" in reading this without the priors, but your judgments on her character may be different than if all were read. I will admit, I wasn't too fond of Jessica and her stories in the first two books. She gets fully redeemed in this one!

This author was able to tap into a bonded friendship and transfer that onto paper. Abigail Strom did a fantastic job building these characters, their history, passion, fire and loyalty. It was a journey through their lives and I felt included somehow as I went through page by page. A great author allows you to lose a sense of reality when in a book and Abigail is able to do that. My heart broke for Jessica and I began to feel guilty that I started to dislike her before actually learning more about her. I sold her short and the joke was on me because her story was genuine, heartbreaking yet inspiring. We never know what someone else is facing and his book helps instill that lesson - Never judge a book by its cover!

This cover is cute though, right!? They caught my attention.The author did a great job picking a classic-looking, sweet, romantic with a subtle sexy appeal.

Even though there is heartbreak and an inspiring journey for Jessica, Anything But Love was packed with desire, lust and heated passion that could cure just about any heartbreak you could feel.

I look forward to reading more by this author. Abigail Strom writes with passion and isn't afraid to throw in twists causing a tornado of multiple emotions. She brings depth to her writing and I will enjoy exploring more of her work.

This is Kate's story. Kate is falling to pieces. She loses her job, gets left by her fiancĂ© and justifiably feels like crap. She runs into her ex-boss, Ian and makes a deal. During this time frame they get to know each other and sparks fly between them from the very moment they lock eyes in the bar. How it unfolds is awesome. Ian is the bad boy, tattooed CEO with a past. Kate is just discovering herself as Ian discovers that it is all more than he would have thought possible.

This is Simone's story. Simone is an artsy theater stage designer, artist and she has been swooning over Zach since the first book where their story is a back story. Zach is the director of her theater company and even though he least expected it, something draws him to Simone. This story heats up as they travel to Ireland for some performances and Zach gets Simone out of her comfort zone. Many, many times!!! Their story is interesting and captivating. This author builds up scenes quite well!

About the author:
Abigail Strom started writing stories at the age of seven and has never been able to stop.  On her way to becoming a full-time writer she earned a BA in English from Cornell University as well as an MFA in Dance from the University of Hawaii, and held a wide variety of jobs from dance teacher and choreographer to human resource manager.
Now she works in her pajamas and lives in New England with her family, who are incredibly supportive of the hours she spends hunched over her computer. When she needs a break from writing she watches episodes of Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Monty Python with her husband and son, and talks to her cats in a British accent.

Connect with Abigail Strom
twitter: @AbigailStrom

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