Thursday, December 1, 2016


The Accidental Life of Greg Millar
by Aimee Alexander

release date: April 26, 2016

length: 402 pages

published by Lake Union Publishing

*I bought this e-book via Kindle Unlimited*

☆☆☆☆4 STAR - Great book & would recommend book (two thumbs up)

Lucy Arigho likes order and puts everything she has into her work as a graphic designer who thrives on her great ideas for book covers and any other work assignments her and her partner, Fin come across. Lucy lost her fiancĂ©,  Brendan in a car accident nearly two years ago and still can not move on in fear of forgetting about him and the life she dreamed she would once have.

In comes Greg Millar - driving fast and has ambition that knows no limit. Greg is a famous author, widow and single father. Everything changes when he meets Lucy and their worlds collide into one.
Falling fast, within two months they are engaged. There's one problem (or so we think)... Lucy hasn't met his two young children.

Will they like her? That becomes the least of her worries. Everything starts spiraling and Lucy doesn't know whether to hold on or let go. Is Greg taking drugs? What will his live-in nanny do to pull them apart? Can Greg and Lucy make it through all the lies, heartbreak and life obstacles?

I truly enjoyed reading The Accidental Life of Greg Millar by Aimee Alexander. This author was able to add many life difficulties into one book without making it too hard to follow. This book is about second chances, blended families, deceit, mental illness and family turmoil. I admired the restraint and poise that Lucy held as many of us would probably question where we would stand if faced with these life altering decisions. The story line had great twists and I will even admit that I was completely caught off guard at the way the book ended. I didn't see that coming!

This book mainly takes place in Dublin, Ireland. I listened to an audiobook via Kindle Unlimited. I was very impressed that the audio mimicked the Irish accents of the characters which made them come alive even more. It was a nice change for me to follow a dialect that is not apart of my everyday life as I am a born and raised New Yorker. Even so, I only had to look up two words to understand it fully and smiled to myself that I was able to add a few new words to my vocabulary. We learn something new everyday.

I would recommend this book!

About the author:
 Aimee Alexander is the pen name of bestselling Irish author Denise Deegan. She writes modern family sagas about ordinary people who become extraordinary in a crisis. Aimee lives with her family in Dublin, where she regularly dreams of sunshine, a life without cooking, and her novels being made into movies. She has a master’s degree in public relations and has been a college lecturer, nurse, china restorer, pharmaceutical sales rep, public relations executive and entrepreneur.
Visit Aimee’s website at:
Follow her on Twitter at: @aimeealexbooks

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