Thursday, October 20, 2016


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by Catherine Ryan Hyde

release date: May 24, 2016

Kindle edition, 322 pages

Published by Lake Union/Amazon Publishing

*I purchased this e-book with audio upgrade*

☆☆☆☆4 STAR - Great book & would recommend book (two thumbs up)

Ethan Underwood, a 17 year old introverted youth who easily gets mistaken as a pre-teen faces many obstacles throughout this coming of age story. Ethan discovers misplaced love and heartbreak, only for it to be more dramatized by walking in on his "crush" while having an affair with his father. After Ethan and his mom walk in on this encounter, Ethan runs into the NYC night trying to wrap his head around what is happening in his world which results in him being mugged at knife-point.

To make matters worse, Ethan is sent for the summer to stay with his less than appealing father in the Blythe River wilderness, a remote location much different than the city life Ethan was custom to. Leaving Ethan alone, his father goes for a run and never returns. Is his father missing? Dead? Gone? Ethan finds help and kindness from three neighbors, people he never knew. At this point, Ethan begins to mold into his new-found self-discovery.

Author, Catherine Ryan Hyde has done it again! She knows how to lure a reader in to not just read a book, but feel the book, the story and the characters. How Ethan handles these life lessons is what makes this book come alive yet distinctively relatable to many readers. Ethan rips through his scrawny and unathletic persona and morphs into a brave, willful and determined young man. He faces deceit, betrayal, forgiveness, bonds and friendships that change his new outlook and demeanor on himself and his view on life. The characters were authentic with a crisp feel that makes a reader feel as though you may know someone similar - approachable and friend worthy. Everyone wants and needs people in their lives to have their back, who are supportive and simply there when you need. Another relatable point to this book is the strain of a potential difficult tie between a parent and child. Many parent/child relationships have strains, obstacles, trust issues and bouts of betrayal which makes this a "go-to" and "understandable" read. This author did a great job with melding a story that was empathetic and engaging for readers to keep plugging along.

Catherine Ryan Hyde is the bestselling author of Pay It Forward and has written over 30 books. She delivers many relatable feelings throughout her words that leave many avid readers wanting more. She has a new novel Say Goodbye for Now that is scheduled to be released December 13, 2016.

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  1. My favorite is Pay It Forward. Such a good story. I cried like a baby when I watch the movie too.

    Thanks for having a giveaway!!!

    1. I agree, PIF is an excellent book. The young reader edition is great for children too. I am looking forward to her book Say Goodbye for Now that will be released in December. Also,Take Me With You. Fantastic story. :)